( Log Out /  Make a Donation to Save Old St. Mary's Inc., a US non profit which supports Br. USA: Catholics, we have a duty now, to God and country! — A Forensic Investigation, Part VII. New CCP Government in USA cancels biggest CCP Space Rival, Member of Order founded by Monster Pedo is hunting for Br. “Think of the Waldensians, the Chinese, the Russians, the Irish, the Turks (are the “Irish” or the “Chinese” supposed to be religions?). Since the news broke early this week that the nonegenarian atheist socialist editor of Italy’s La Repubblica, Eugenio Scalfari, claimed that Pope Francis told him during one of their many conversations that he did not believe Jesus was God, the Catholic commentariat has been engaged in a rhetorical battle to the death over who to believe, whether it’s true, and what it all means. Note Scalfari is not referring to a recent encounter with the Pope. Instead, these are a few memories and ruminations stitched together by the nonagenarian atheist and former newspaper editor. Antonio Socci: “Cardinal” Scalfari reveals that Benedict is still the Pope! Ecco gli incipit dei loro interventi che troverete nel libro "Repubblica Bologna Quarant'anni", Content Cosa nasconde il nuovo terremoto che ha investito le finanze del Vaticano e illuminato la corruzione della Curia, Il Premiolino BMW SpecialMente è stato assegnato allo chef Massimo Bottura. Content Cent’anni fa, a Livorno, nasceva il Partito comunista italiano: grande protagonista della vita politica fino al 1989, quando arrivò la “svolta” di Achille Occhetto. Bill Gates is aiming to own everything and everyone, Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines causing rare lethal Blood Disorder, And the False Prophet taught all to adore the Beast. Is it an encrypted message? Even “the great issues of humanity” on which, according to Scalfari, they supposedly agree, are not clarified, because they simply do not exist. Catholics in the USA! Ann Catherine Emmerich (Italian), Is Benedict still the Pope? The BigSecret is out: There will be Annual Covid Vaccines FOREVER! Questo è il bollettino di oggi 4 febbraio 2021 per Eugenio Scalfari. From Rome ^ | December 7, 2020 | Antonio Socci Posted on 12/08/2020 6:56:31 PM PST by ebb tide. Learn how your comment data is processed. And it appears that he wants to continue for a long time, because he is worried that the sun is going to burn out in less than 5 billion years. Join Facebook to connect with Eugenio Scalfari and others you may know. (Lungo, ma l’argomento è vasto e complicato). di EUGENIO SCALFARI rep 21 ottobre 2020 sez. In promozione con Repubblica Milano il libro con gli articoli che il famoso giornalista ha scritto dal 1976 al 2011. Bugnolo's Apostolic work. Fu il primo a dirigere le pagine culturali di “Repubblica”. — A Forensic Investigation, Part V, Davo ha pianificato la schiavitù mondale per 2030. Si era dedicato alla poesia e alla storia della lingua. Francis made an initial allusion to the schism in 2017, but in 2020 this fear took on a new quality. La cerimonia di premiazione si terrà tra un mese esatto, il 23 ottobre, al Teatro La Scala di Milano, Content Il giornalista e scrittore è morto a 88 anni. ( Log Out /  Content Gentile Augias, il 21 gennaio è il centenario della nascita del Partito Comunista d'Italia, come si chiamò dopo la scissione di Livorno. Come ricorda il giornalista colombiano Darío Arizmendi, Spirito polemico, grande narratore e uno dei più informati editorialisti economici d'Italia. Or in Bergoglian circles is there such a great fear of Benedict, whom an ever-greater number of believers sees as the “true pope” and the true lighthouse? SCALFARI “PER IL PAPA DIO NON È CRISTIANO”/ “Va difeso nella sua battaglia” Pubblicazione: 20.11.2020 Ultimo aggiornamento: 12:06 - Niccolò Magnani Per Eugenio Scalfari il Papa non ha nemici perché gesuita: “per Francesco Dio è unico e non cristiano, c’è un’unica religione mondiale. Un modo per rileggere la storia e guardare al futuro, Content Che cosa ci distingue dagli angeli? Scalfari: Pope Francis denies bodily Resurrection of Jesus January 23, 2020; Pope Francis blesses pagan Pachamama statue in Vatican Gardens December 12, 2019; Pagan “Pachamama” Statue Takes Centerstage in Vatican Synod November 25, 2019; Scalfari: Pope Francis Told Me That Jesus Incarnate Was a “Man … Not at All a God” October 9, 2019 At the age of 96, Eugenio Scalfari continues to bestow his pearls of wisdom upon humanity. Is it plausible that he is deluding himself with the idea of relegitimizing it in the coming months using the authority of Benedict XVI? Perhaps hes thinking of retiring, and we will have 3 popes, hence the reference to the Trinity. The headline is provocative, but not wrong. Il notiziario viene creato dal nostro algoritmo di classificazione automatica di testi con le ultimissime novità dai quotidiani e le agenzie di stampa online italiane. Because it confirms that with his (mysterious) “step to the side,” Benedict XVI did not renounce the “Petrine munus,” and this opens enormous questions about what the current situation of the Church and the Pope is. However, given the personal relationship that Scalfari boasts of having with Pope Bergoglio (who at times seems to use their conversations to send messages about his highly advanced doctrinal positions), this piece is quite curious, also because Repubblica served it up on the front page with a very promising headline: “That understanding between the two Popes on the great themes of humanity.”, Scalfari opens solemnly: “In these hours an intellectual agreement is being confirmed of great interest in the Catholic Church and not only there. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Pope Francis and his long-time friend and interviewer Eugenio Scalfari. giovedì 16 Gennaio 2020; C’è una nuova “intervista” di Eugenio Scalfari col Papa. Per la festa dei 45 anni pubblichiamo il documentario dedicato a Eugenio Scalfari, con una lunga intervista al fondatore del quotidiano e tanti materiali audiovisivi inediti dall’archivio del giornale, Content Il nostro giornale compie 45 anni e per questo gli dedichiamo Robinson. Eugenio Scalfari “per Papa Francescoi Dio è unico e non cristiano, c'è un'unica religione mondiale. Nel bene e nel male, è stato protagonista della storia italiana del Novecento. Apparently he thinks he will be present at the unpleasant event and is already thinking about what he will do. THESE ARE THE TRUE CATHOLICS MEDIA OUTLETS. Scalfari continues in an enigmatic way: he says that “a situation of this sort has never happened” (it’s true), but then he cites three names of popes as precedents (unless he is alluding to those of the Western Schism, and then this is a signal that it’s not flour from his own sack [Translator’s Note: i.e., that Scalfari’s material is being given to him by someone else]. Scalfari adds that “today we can almost imagine the presence of two Popes who succeed in facing the great themes of humanity together.” Then he focuses on the theme of the Trinity, with an exhilarating finale about “diverse religions” for which “Francis and Ratzinger will share the task of having contacts.” The examples? South Dakota: No Masks, No Lockdowns, No Distancing = Virus GONE! Clamorous errors in the Latin of Benedict’s “Renunciation”, Definitive Canonical Study of the Renunication of Pope Benedict: Spanish, To defend Vaccine Industry, Facebook announces massive Purge, It was secular liberalism which gave birth to Adolf Hitler, GOP abandons 85% of rank & file, in rejecting MAGA movement. Nearly all Catholic websites and blogs have fallen under this narrative control. National Terrorism Alert: No one is more afraid of thieves than a thief! Il direttore del Fatto Quotidiano e il fondatore di Repubblica si confrontano sull'attualità politica At their latest conversation, on January 14, 2020, Pope Francis is reported to have told his friend Eugenio Scalfari: “I am driven, as you know, because we have spoken about it several times, from the desire for the active survival of our church to adapt our collective spirit to modern civil society. : 50K adverse cases, 18 killed each week by Pfizer Vaccine, Russo to Schneider: We must believe Benedict, when he says he is still the pope, Bergoglio just admitted Benedict is still the Pope, Pope St. Pius X foresaw Pope Benedict XVI as the true Pope until his death, Third Italian Medical professional takes Pfizer Vaccine & drops dead, Benedict's End Game is to save the Church from Freemasonry, Greta Thunberg explosed as Rothschilds' Schill, Those who reject Benedict have no Bishop with a canonical argument, Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines use dangerous Lipid Nanoparticles. For this reason, the FROM ROME BLOG consideres it important to LET YOU KNOW which are the sites which ARE NOT CONTROLLED by the Lavender Mafia. Draghi vuole l’Italia servire all’Euro non al suo popolo, Father Gruner: Benedict did not resign the Papacy, Long term use of Medical Masks may contribute to Lung Cancer, Vatican gives second dose of lethal Vaccine to Pope Benedict XVI, GOP in US House votes to keep back-stabbing globalist Cheney, Academics uncover link between Lavender Mafia and Pedo networks. After he declared on November 20, why Pope Francis should be defended and Francis picked up the phone to thank the left doyen of Italian journalism, Scalfari now seemed to be reading the diarchy between Benedict and Francis in an entirely new way.. Tra i suoi estimatori il grande scrittore, che provò a esportarne il modello in Sudamerica. The article is accompanied by a photo of the two pontiffs at the consistory, but, apart from that photo (which does not mean anything other than a reciprocal courtesy), it is not clear what “confirmation” there was (and where and when) of an “intellectual agreement” since the pontificates of Benedict XVI and Pope Bergoglio are on diametrically opposed tracks, and also the pronouncements of Ratzinger, as pope emeritus, all follow the Catholic line of his pontificate and the pontificate of John Paul II: the polar opposite of the declarations and actions of Bergoglio. He speaks of a “fraternal understanding between the two…already discussed for some time by the two present popes whose equality” would have been “recognized for some time in terms of thought, but not in such a formal and substantial way.” But what is he referring to? Con “Parola di Duce” analizzò il lessico fascista, Giornalista e critico letterario, era stato tra i pionieri di Repubblica nel 1976. The usual, odd, literary evocation? L’Italia sta fallendo e gli Italiani stano morendo! USA: The Republic is over, its Marxist Dictatorship or Rebellion! Repubblica primo sogno – Il documentario, “La Repubblica” di Gabriel García Márquez, Morto Peppino Turani, il giornalista che dava del tu alla finanza, Christian De Sica: "A settant'anni sono il numero uno, come mi ha insegnato papà", La sfida dei prossimi 20 anni: il nostro sito diventa iperlocale, Dalla fede alla fiducia: Francesco più popolare della sua Chiesa, L'Irpinia 40 anni dopo: un terremoto anche politico, "La grande corsa": con Repubblica il libro per scoprire il voto americano, L'umana specie vestita di azzurro: la riflessione di Eugenio Scalfari, Da Condò a Scavo, i 6 vincitori del premiolino di giornalismo, E' morto Enzo Golino, l'intellettuale militante. An Investigation into Alleged Manipulation at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family (Ignatius Press, 2015). Repubblica Bologna fa 40 anni: un libro in regalo, La politica, la giustizia e la grande nevicata: la Milano di Giorgio Bocca, 35 anni di racconti diventati storia, L’irresistibile fascino del Pci su noi giovani d’allora, I documenti. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 4 Nov 20, 2020 Scalfari: Francis' Goal Is One World Religion Francis has often said to the Italian atheist Eugenio Scalfari, 96, that he wanted to end “conflicts” between Catholics and Protestants and make the differences between them "bearable." Ed è di nuovo sul set, stavolta con Alessandro Siani, per il film del prossimo Natale, Content Il riscatto inglese con le prime vaccinazioni, Content La nostra redazione compie venti anni. Per merito di chi? Bugnolo, North & South Dakota begin process of Nullification of DC power, WallStreetBets exposed that the NYSE is run by Organized Criminals, Is Benedict still the Pope? It was only slightly dampened because of the Corona paralysis in public life. Come siamo cambiati dal 2000 a oggi e come è cambiata la Puglia in questo ventennio, Il 2020 è l’anno del nostro ventesimo compleanno. — A Forensic Investigation, Part IV, Time Magazine admits Conspiracy to throw U.S. Election, Viganò should not ignore the precedent of the Synod of Sutri, Submission to the Scamdemic is a consequence of rejecting Jesus Christ, Why Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori would say Benedict’s Renunciation was invalid, Is Benedict still the Pope? Scalfari even writes that “all the decisions of the highest importance that Popes can take will be and should be agreed to and actuated by both together.” But this has never happened in these eight years, and it would signify a shared papacy, a novelty of epochal importance. Eugenio Scalfari was born on April 6, 1924 in Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy. It’s difficult to make heads or tails of anything in the midst of such confusion. New Draghi Government in Italy, planned by Bilderbergers in 2019. COMPITI PER IL PENSIERO. At the age of 96, Eugenio Scalfari continues to bestow his pearls of wisdom upon humanity. Ecco perché non possiamo fare a meno di smettere di interrogarci, Professori, economisti, storici, politici, architetti e scrittori così immaginano il domani della città. Ribelliamoci! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Alexis Bugnolo’s Apostolates like FromRome.Info -- If you would like to donate more than $10.00 USD, simply increase the Quantity below from 1 to a higher number. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The 2020 Vatican Nativity Scene is Weaponized Ugliness; Allegations Against Fr. It is an agreement between two Pontiffs: Pope Francis and Pope Ratzinger.”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But what does he mean by “elementary particles?” Is this an allusion to indivisibility? Robinson Venti idee per il futuro Professori, economisti, storici, politici, architetti e scrittori così immaginano il domani della città. La sua fama, scesa dall’82% del 2016 al 72% del 2018, è in netta ripresa. In occasione del 96esimo compleanno, Eugenio Scalfari apre le porte del suo “Grand Hotel” e ci invita a goderci il racconto di una vita appassionata, dai tempi del fascismo alla guerra, dal giornalismo agli amori, alle amicizie, alla politica, con particolari mai rivelati finora. Hey Catholics in VA, IN, MO, RI, CT, NM, AZ, NE, ND! We hope well.”, What does that have to do with anything? Francesca Marchi / International Journalism Festival, Chronology of Reports on “Team Bergoglio”, Lindell's Documentary, Absolute Proof Trump won the election, Dr Lee Merit: The Vaxx is preparing the world for a MASS DEATH EVENT, UK Govt. “Ma avete capito il valore civile del nuovo quotidiano?”, Content ll 14 gennaio del 1976 usciva il primo numero di “Repubblica”. ( Log Out /  (Rome) Eugenio Scalfari did it again. First published by Libero, 6 December 2020. Bugnolo in a great work of mercy for them, by visiting Ordo-Militaris.US and becoming a member of the Catholic Military Order, dedicated to their defense and assistance!

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